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Xheni Rroji is a classical pianist and producer, born in Tirana, Albania.
She studied music in her native country and later in France and New York. She holds degrees from the Superior Conservatory of Music in Paris, and  Manhattan School of Music in New York. A seasoned performer,
and an avid chamber musician Xheni has concertized in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America. 
She is the co-founder of The Ossia Symphony Orchestra and Roadmaps Festival. Xheni has always maintained a vivid interest in producing events of an artistic, educational and humanitarian nature.
She strongly believes in the transformative power of artistic expressions, providing a mean for human understanding.
Despite her intense affair with the piano throughout her life, Xheni has always fostered a love for inserting music and the arts in all aspects of life. Her various interests in the music industry led her to create and co-organize projects that infuse artistic perspectives to current global issues.  Through Breaking Borders with Music and the Roadmaps Festival Xheni strives to bring together a variety of artists, historians, politicans and humanitarians into a platform that provides a multifaceted view on global issues that concern us all.
Xheni has also served as the Vice President of the OA Music Productions & Management based in Manhattan. She is passionate about finding and supporting artistic talent that is groundbreaking and authentic.
As an educator and administrator, she has led the department of music at The College of New Rochelle for the past decade. Xheni believes in innovative teaching strategies and in finding new ways to infuse the younger generation with more artistic education. ​
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