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Xheni Rroji, a gifted classical pianist and producer hailing from Tirana, Albania, has traversed the globe to study music, attaining degrees from the Superior Conservatory of Music in Paris and Manhattan School of Music in New York. With extensive experience as a performer and chamber musician, Xheni has captivated audiences across Europe, the U.S., and Latin America. Alongside her passion for music, she co-founded The Ossia Symphony Orchestra and Roadmaps Festival, endeavors that not only showcase artistry but also prioritize education and humanitarianism. Believing that art can promote understanding and social change, Xheni has spearheaded projects such as Breaking Borders with Music and the Roadmaps Festival, which bring together diverse artists, historians, politicians, and humanitarians to address global issues. As the Vice President of OA Music Productions & Management and an educator, Xheni supports emerging talent and innovative teaching strategies, leading music departments at institutions such as The College of New Rochelle and Hunter College in NYC. Xheni's enthusiasm for infusing artistic education into all aspects of life continues in her current role as an adjunct lecturer and artistic program manager at Hunter College, working closely with the Senior Associate Dean for the Arts.
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